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About sweden

Hello there Blog! It has been awhile. I have been wanting to write for awhile now but I decided to actually enjoy my vacation for a change. I am usually to distracted by social media and my blog to actually enjoy myself. So that explains my absence. But here I am ready to blog all about my travels for this summer.

I went to sweden! Well not just me but my beloved boyfriend went with me. We rented a cottage in stockholm archipelago. It is called "skärgård" in swedish (yes I can speak swedish now... just kidding but we learnt a few words here and there). Anyway, it was the cosiest little cottage ever. Every morning we went for a swim in the water. We ate breakfast outside in our little garden. We took a boat ride in to the big city ever now and then for some shopping and sightseeing. Sweden is such a lovely country. And the people! The people is also so, so nice to us tourists. Another good thing is that almost everyone can speak english (a big plus I think!). Whenever we wanted help we would always find someone to speak to and they could always speak English. If you ever visit sweden go visit the "Skärgård".

It felt so calming to live in such a small cottage and being so close to the nature. I never missed the nature having lived in a big city all my life. But now when I have experienced the serenity of living in the woods, near the water I can honestly say... I think I have missed the nature all my life, I just haven't known it.

I will talk more in detail about our trip to sweden later. But for now this is all I have got. Take care!